Our Mission

is to be the leading partner on high quality safety and security hardware offering innovative functionality and exceptional value.

Our Vision

The most reliable and technologically advanced organisation offering top of the line safety and security solutions of specific and bespoke applications in the Nigerian market

Bespoke Solution Application

Our purpose built products are carefully curated by our experienced sourcing and quality control team. The versatility of our product line, the know-how and experience of our engineers place our customers at the epicenter of the constantly growing niche of the market that requires the highest standards of quality and value.

Bespoke Solution Application

is to be the leading partner on high quality safety and security hardware offering innovative functionality and exceptional value.

Time and again experience has taught us that safety and security issues are either PAY NOW or PAY LATER situations. It is therefore better to proactively make reasonable investments. Categories of available solutions are:

  • Personal Retail
  • Residential
  • Multifamily
  • Government Facility
  • Fleet and Transportation Infrastructure
  • Enterprise Facility

As consultants with hands on experience working on safety and security issues we provide end to end, turnkey, safety and security solutions for discerning individuals and corporate organisations such as:

  • Highly sensitive locations such as airports, correctional facilities, prisons, military bases, police stations etc
  • Ministries, Departments & Agencies of Government dealing with high traffic of visitors and customers.
  • Educational Institutions dealing with a critical mass of students converged at locations such as Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Schools
  • Corporate Organisations desirous of ensuring a safe and secured working environment

Bespoke Solution Cycle

  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • Needs Assessment (Off site & On site)
  • Customised safety and security pyramid
  • Financial Modelling
  • Recommendation
  • Installation, Training & Support
  • Continuous Process Improvement

We are specially focused on serving wholesale reseller customers in the safety and security market with second to none support start up and nurture to maturity services. We also cater for end users either in dropship DIY or ship and install categories. Available in different configurations are flagship product menus in:

  • GPS Trackers
  • Car Security & Accessories
  • Personal Security & Accessories
  • Home & Office Automation
  • Speed Limiters
  • Digital Voice Recorders
  • Fixed Asset Tracker
  • Air pollutant Tracker

After Sales Support

The availability of our personnel pre and post sales off and on site have achieved the trust of our customers as a reliable partner in tandem with our corporate vision. We offer between one and three years post sales/implementation warranty period (depending on product type) subject to standard terms of use. Standard terms of use and warranty exclude

if the service is made necessary other than by normal application or by use for unsuitable purposes or careless handling

if the product has been abused, physically damaged or altered in any way not envisaged in normal day to day application.

the damages as a result of power surge, thunder strike and other emergencies.

Wonder Bulb

Enlivening any room and bringing a touch of magic to your home these LED lights are the smarter way to light your house. You can set these bulbs to synchronice with music for the perfect party atmosphere or invoke a perfect sleep patterns at a given time of the day or night. The free control application is available for Android or iOS devices and the QR codes make it fast and efficient to download to your device.

SmartHome Door Tracker

SmartHome Door Tracker (smartBell) is designed to give you a smarter and a more secure home. It connects with your mobile phone to notify you of who's at your door with live video and audio. smartBell gives you a remote presence & works like your eyes, ears voice & even your hands that need to be where you are not physically present