It is a reward program for subsisting end users who have purchased and deployed any of our utilities within Nigeria, and are satisfied enough with the performance of the item sufficiently to introduce same to a potential customer (friends, colleagues or family members).

The terms of the program are as follows:

  1. Candid Referral Program is only applicable to the Nigerian market
  2. The Reward value is known as Candy
  3. Referrer is the satisfied customer initiating the referral. A valid Referrer must have purchased and deployed any of the company’s products/utilities in Nigeria and prove same during application
  4. All valid Referrers must have initiated an application for same through the Referral Reward Program Enrolment Form and obtained a valid Referrer ID Code from the Company
  5. Referrees are Potential END USERS introduced by a valid Referrrer.
  6. The reward program entitles valid Referrers to a 5% credit on cost of product (does not include finance, storage, shipment, accessories, insurance, installation and repair costs) purchased and paid for by a Referree introduced by the Referrer whose I.D Code was indicated in the Product Order Form at the point of ordering.
  7. When a valid order is made through a Referrer, the Referree (customer who has made the order) is entitled to a 5% discount on cost of product only (does not include (if any) cost of shipment, insurance, installation, accessories, repairs etc)
  8. No claim for Candy Reward can be made by any party to any transaction or negotiation except Mega Media Corporate Services adjudge same to be a valid Candid Referral Reward transaction.
  9. Any transaction under this scheme is limited to a maximum of 2 (two) nos. of each product per order and all items ordered must be FULLY paid for prior to delivery before a valid claim for Candy reward could be made by a Referrer
  10. Before a registered Referrer can change an established reward receipt account or process, a written application has to be made and approved by management of Mega Media Corporate Services.

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Program Terms
All referral reward applicants are to NOTE as follows
  1. Referral reward candy is limited to 5% of initial cost of product purchased (and fully paid for) to be credited to the account of the Referrer (the person whose referral code was used to process the order by the customer that paid for the purchase).
  2. If end user (customer that paid for the purchase) did not include Referrer’s code on the customer order form then no candy can be credited to any Referrer
  3. A valid Referral purchase will entitle the end user customer to 5% discount on product cost only
  4. Referral Reward Candy calculation credit does not include items such as storage charge, shipment charge, installation fee, accessory cost, repair charge etc. It is only the initial product cost that is used for the calculation.
  5. The decision of Mega Media Corporate Services Ltd. on candy benefit/reward is FINALand shall be binding on all parties concerned.

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